Guarantee quality by international standards

Pro Mushroom Co., Ltd is the largest Enoki Mushroom manufacturer in Thailand. We are located in Krathum Baen, Samutsakorn, with 50,000 square meters. Our Enoki Mushroom is certified by HACCP, GMP, Qmark, and Halal.


Many leading department stores trusted us to sell under the Pro Mushroom brand and OEM. Transportation is provided at no cost to our SMEs and business partners.

We expanded our operation into ASEAN countries, such as Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos.

Our team consistently provides high-quality service.

We are pleased to provide the best quality Enoki Mushrooms and services to satisfy our customers.

Besides the health benefit,

we have concerned the environmental problems. With our quality production system, we are the ultimate recyclers, composting waste of agriculture into fertilizer for environmental sustainability. Moreover, we use the fertilizer to grow a banana tree in the factory and distribute bananas to our employees.

Pro Mushroom never stops improving.

We invented nutritional ingredients for Enoki's food, such as Rice Bran. It is critical and a major factor in growing high-quality, nutritious, delicious Enoki Mushrooms with non-chemical production. We carefully cultivate our Enoki Mushroom in every single process. Our material and production equipment are sterilized to meet the hygienic worldwide standards. Cleanliness and Deliciousness are our priorities

Heartfelt cultivation Enoki Mushroom

and we have complete control over every aspect of our cultivation process. Our Enoki Mushroom is chemical-free and pest free. Our equipment will always be clean in the sterilisation machine. Trusted us in our safety, cleanliness, and daily freshness.