Enoki Mushrooms for Party lovers

Dec 28, 2022

Happy New Year 2023

Enoki Mushrooms for Party lovers

Let's start this year with Enoki Mushroom by Pro Mushroom! 


We believe that many of you have been waiting to celebrate this New Year after working for a whole year. This is the best time of the year to recharge your energy! 

The New Year vibes must have some iced drinks, a good place, and family; these are essentials. And obviously, one thing that cannot be missed is delicious food. Here's a thing we proudly present as the
secret ingredient of this wonderful holiday that is "Enoki Mushroom by Pro Mushroom." This is because it's one of a kind for all the dishes such as steamed, fried, stir-fried, curries, salads, or cocktails; our Enoki Mushroom 
can make it all surprisingly delicious!

Enoki Mushrooms for Party lovers

Have you ever known? Rather than its deliciousness, what else it has? Enoki Mushroom by Pro Mushroom has various sizes that suit any group of people and places, whether big or small. We'll share more about
our available sizes and what suits each vibe.

- 100 grams: for a tiny meal.

- 200-300 grams: good for a couple's meal.

- 500 grams: suitable for a small family.

- 1,000 grams: a big group of PARTY!


That's all you should know, so have you got Enoki Mushrooms in the plan for this new year's end? If not, we'll show you where!

Enoki Mushroom by Pro Mushroom can be founded in leading department stores such as BigC, Makro, Fresh Mart, or MaxValu. Very easy peasy to find them, whether the small or big size of party, it's all ready to be served!

Enoki Mushrooms for Party lovers


Enoki mushrooms can be cooked into various dishes such as soups, stir-fries, salads, etc. It adds delicious flavour and texture to any dish while providing essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

Check out more secret dishes here. https://www.promushroom.com/book/th/pm/promushroom-th#page/1

Prioritize your health by adding Enoki Mushrooms to your dish and boost your immune system.

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