How to Select the Most Nutritious Enoki Mushroom

May 3, 2022

Aside from the deliciousness of eating Enoki mushrooms, it will also have to be how to eat and get the most

Therefore, one of the most important aspects of eating Enoki mushrooms is to choose them
carefully because they can be influenced to become less nutritious. Freshness
is essential.

ProMushroom would like to share the following article by Dr. Fumio Eguchi, which explains
how to properly select Enoki mushrooms.

1. The Enoki mushroom cap must be firm and plump

Fresh Enoki mushrooms should have plump, textured caps and long stalks with no slime.

2. The packaging should not contain any steam

The packaging has to be dry and clean. This is because the Enoki mushroom appears
to be decomposing. A dry bag indicates that the Enoki mushroom is still fresh and provides the most effective nutrition.

These are the simplest methods for selecting the best Enoki mushrooms. But the ones you can rely on are Enoki mushrooms from Promushroom. Many international standards have certified our product.

Our customer is our top priority.

They deserve the best quality, freshness and cleanliness Enoki mushroom. And there are no harmful chemicals used inthe manufacturing process. Dr. Fumio Eguchi "Enokitake mushroom."

Enoki mushroom by ProMushroom “Heartfelt cultivation, ProMushroom for a healthy life."

The main ingredient in growing high-quality, nutritious
Enoki mushrooms and the non-chemical production 
process is "Rice Bran." We have complete control
over every aspect of our cultivation process, including 
temperature, light, and moisture levels. Particularly when
humidifying with RO water, which is cleaner and purer 
than regular water and uses Japanesehigh technology.

Many department stores, including Makro, Big C, CP Freshmart, Maxvalue, and Lotus, trust our Enoki mushroom and sell it under the ProMushroom brand and OEM.

Enoki mushrooms can be cooked into various dishes such as soups, stir-fries, salads, etc. It adds delicious flavour and texture to any dish while providing essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

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Prioritize your health by adding Enoki Mushrooms to your dish and boost your immune system.

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