4 methods to keep Enoki mushroom fresh much longer

Aug 24, 2022

Too much Enoki mushroom and cannot consume it all at once? What shall we do?

Most of the time, we cannot finish all Enoki mushrooms at once and don't want to throw them away. Here we have found (from the Enoki mushroom book by Dr. Fumio Eguchi) the 4 simplest ways to keep the freshness much longer! 

1. Keep in the normal room temperature

Wrap leftover Enoki mushroom with absorbent paper like newspaper or tissue and put it in the plastic bag with a little air space.

2. Keep in the fridge

Do not keep the enoki mushroom uncovered; instead, wrap it in newspaper and place it in a plastic bag.


3. Freeze it

Put the Enoki mushroom in the zip lock bag before keeping it in the fridge—tips: No need to melt before cooking.

4. Dry out

The flavour of dried Enoki mushrooms is similar to dried squid, also low in calories and sodium. Making it tastier and the vitamin D in Enoki higher.

According to another delectable tip from the Enoki mushroom book—Enoki mushrooms hold their sweetness better when not cleaned before cooking because the nutrients are released when cleansed.

 Big thanks to Dr. Fumio Eguchi, the author of the Enoki mush

Enoki mushrooms can be eaten raw or cooked in many different dishes such as soups, salads, stir-fries, or even desserts! They are versatile enough to be a perfect addition to any meal. Enoki mushrooms are an excellent addition to any diet because they're packed with nutrients that keep you healthy. 

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