Why should you eat Enoki Mushroom?

Jun 22, 2022

Enoki mushrooms are packed with nutrients including protein, minerals, high fiber, and low calories.

So what happens when you keep eating enoki mushrooms?

- Help you lose weight

- Clean blood

- Immune-Boosting

- Good blood circulation

- Lower blood lipids

- Balance Sugar Level

Why should you eat Enoki Mushroom?

ProMushroom assures you a high-quality Enoki Mushroom with a non-chemical cultivation process for a healthier life. See how our production serves you the best quality.

- The cultivation process is certified by international standards.

Rice Bran is the main ingredient.



Department of Agriculture by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is certified us with GAP standard (Good Agricultural Practice).

Why should you eat Enoki Mushroom?


Everyone should have known that vegetable has a good source of vitamins, but does anyone know Enoki mushroom also has many benefits, even less than vegetables. 

Why should you eat Enoki Mushroom?

What would happen when you keep eating Enoki mushroom for a month?

1. Lose Body Fat

Enoki mushrooms contain linoleic acid, which helps with belly fat reduction. Enoki mushrooms provide 

2.7–2.8 grams of fiber per 100 grams.

2. Enhances Digestive Health

Enoki mushrooms are rich in fiber.

3. Anti-Aging

The Enoki mushroom contains antioxidants that can protect you from aging-related damage.

4. Lower Cholesterol

It contains dietary fiber and assist in lowering the level of bad cholesterol.

5. Help in Liver Illnesses, Stomach Issues and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

According to research, the damage is reduced in mice's liver cells. 

6. Helps Prevent Cancer

A cancer-prevention extract is found in the flammulin present in the Enoki mushroom.

7. Immune System Booster

According to research, the Enoki mushroom helps strengthen the immune system.

8. Balance Blood Sugar Level - Good for Diabetics.

Improved blood sugar regulation is another benefit of dietary fiber in the Enoki mushroom.

9. May Enhance Brain Performances

Enoki mushrooms may improve memory and brain activity, according to research.

10. Boost Metabolism and Improve Nutritional Absorption

Enoki mushrooms have 40 calories per 100 grams, are incredibly low in calories, and help increase metabolism.

Why should you eat Enoki Mushroom?

Enoki mushroom by ProMushroom “Heartfelt cultivation, ProMushroom for a healthy life."

The main ingredient in growing high-quality, nutritious Enoki mushrooms and the non-chemical production process is "Rice Bran." We have complete control over every aspect of our cultivation process, including temperature, light, and moisture levels. Particularly when humidifying with RO water, which is cleaner and purer than regular water and uses Japanese high technology.

Many department stores, including Makro, Big C, CP Freshmart, Maxvalue, and Lotus, trust our Enoki mushroom and sell it under the ProMushroom brand and OEM.

Enoki mushrooms can be cooked into various dishes such as soups, stir-fries, salads, etc. It adds delicious flavour and texture to any dish while providing essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

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Prioritize your health by adding Enoki Mushrooms to your dish and boost your immune system.

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